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What is Balanoid About? Well actually, literally Balanoid is an acorn shaped barnacle, but we are here at Balanoid “the service” to do what we can to help .  As part of our service and philosophy We are here to help Fight the “Confirmation Bias” Syndrome and more.

So what is confirmation Bias Syndrome and how does it relate to Balanoid?

A recent study shows people are twice as likely to seek information that confirms their beliefs, than they are to consider evidence that contradicts them.  So what?  Well psychologists call this mental phenomenon the "confirmation bias".  When applied to research for entertainment, media, and learning resources, it can cause emotional, mental, financial distress and loss (this is an opinion).

In brief, our minds tend to act as compulsive affirmative, followers, who enforce whatever we want to believe (pre programmed bits of data with hard to erase memory - also opinion).  What's worse, a recent analysis of psychological studies with nearly 8,000 participants concluded that people are twice as likely to seek information that confirms what they already believe as they are to consider evidence that would challenge them (this is fact).

Now, while it's all well and good to recognize this phenomenon, what's important to know is why it's so hard to change a mind that's already made-up and find how this relates to Balanoid.

First, we tend to be mentally lazy (yes we said it, but it is the nature of the human mind), because it's easier to focus our attention on information that supports our thinking rather than to seek out evidence that might disprove it.   Being proven wrong is painful, embarrassing and we naturally avoid it (this is generally accepted fact).

Second, it's easier for us to rationalize than to be rational, which means having to take a deep, hard look at things in an unbiased way.  We can always find after-the-fact explanations of why our decision was wrong or invalid, we then reinterpret our failures as simple bad luck or a bad timing event.    Further to this, you will know you're falling into the trap is you find yourself saying things like "if only I had, or I should have or if I took a little more time and I was so close, etc, I would have been right if not for this ... occurrence."

As the old saying goes...a little bit of knowledge can be a dangerous thing.  And the more we know the more we know It's true... because... the more you learn the more certain you become of your decisions.  Gathering more information is a good thing but it won't make all decisions more accurate if each new fact only re enforces the original thought... because... the information diversity is incomplete, thereby decreasing its value.

So what you say? And how does this relate to me and what does it have to do with Balanoid?...Well we are here to help fight the dreaded confirmation bias syndrome...And you say how?

We want to save you time and help sort through the plethora of hard to decipher information as partial remedy to the "confirmation bias" syndrome so we say...TRY BALANOID... or was that biased?? 

Perhaps but  the point being, we are here to assist in your search for the information you are looking for.  To help make informed decisions when out there searching the plethora of information  available today, we intend to bring you as much unbiased information as possible, when searching various topics related to media, entertainment, reading and learning.   That is the Balanoid way. 

Though we might be a small little acorn shaped barnacle... together we are the Mighty Balanoid... Here to help fight the dreaded "confirmation bias" syndrome.

Enjoy the site and remember we are all here to help.

We will do our part and hope you will too.


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