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Taggart Death Call Set DVD

"Detective Chief Inspector Jim Taggart is a tough, sarcastic copper who has come up the hard way in the Maryhill Police Department. When he's out to solve a murder, he uses whatever means he must to catch the killer - and he never gives up the chase. Set in Scotland's largest city, Glasgow's often mean, gritty streets are witness to many gruesome and inflammatory crimes. With its grisly details and complex plots, you will witness why Taggart has become the longest running police detective drama on British television. INCLUDES: Knife-Edge - Body parts wrapped in tartan blankets put Taggart and Livingstone on a trail fraught with dead ends to catch a killer. Death Call - A woman's body is found floating in the River Clyde and while all the evidence points to one young man, Taggart is not convinced he's guilty. The Killing Philosophy - Taggart heads the hunt for the masked ""Glasgow Bowman,"" a psychopath whose terrifying attacks seem to lack motive. Starring: Mark McManus (Ned Kelly), Neil Duncan (War Dogs), Harriet Buchan, Robert Robertson (Breaking the Waves), Iain Anders, Tom Watson (Prime Suspect 2) and James Macpherson (3 DVDs) approx. 6.5 hrs."

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