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(In Stock Now!) 2 x Dance Dance Revolution Ultra Dual Platform Super Deluxe High Density Super Sensitive Dance Pad for Xbox + Da

This product does not work with Xbox 360. Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 2 features over 65 songs and 100+ minutes of authentic dance music, including house, techno, drum'n'bass, R&B and trance, Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 2 for Xbox lets you jump and dance to all-new songs and dance hits, exclusive game modes and Xbox Live connectivity.. Have a blast with your friends in the all-new Party Mode and expanded Battle Mode. All-new Challenge Mode courses let you become the ultimate dancer. New difficulty level for beginners allows you to learn the basics with an on-screen dancer. Get in shape with the Workout Mode and customize your own dance steps in the Edit Mode. The Ultra Dual Super Deluxe Dance Pad features eight super sensitive directional buttons and arcade sized circuitry, it will help you get the best score in the game. The raised, reinforced buttons allow you to feel where you are stepping at all times. The Ultra Dual Super Deluxe Dance Pad also includes dense foam inserts; it will eliminate stress from your feet, and let you play Dance Dance Revolution in comfort for hours. The Ultra Dual Super Deluxe Dance Pad offers dual plug that works flawlessly with the PS One, Playstation 2 and Xbox. Dual Platform for PS/PS2 and XboxThe Ultra Dual Super Deluxe Pad is compatible with the PS/PS2 and Xbox.Raised Reinforced Buttons The Ultra Dual Super Deluxe Pad has durable high density inserts underneath each button so that you can feel the difference between the button and the other parts of the pad. Dense Foam Insert for Exceptional Comfort The Ultra Dual Super Deluxe Pad features an all new dense foam insert that will keep up with your fastest moves. This dense cushion insert gives you the perfect balance between fast reaction times and comfort, so you can play longer and get higher scores. Super Sensitive Circuitry for Higher Scores The Ultra Dual Super Deluxe Pad's buttons and sensors are super sensitive arcade sized, bridging the difference so that you can achieve consistency in your game whether you're playing at the arcade or at home with soft pads.Thicker Anti-slip surface to prevent from the sliding and easy damage The Ultra Dual Super Deluxe Pad uses high quality material with thicker anti slip surface. If you own other dance pads, please compare with our dance pad thickness. You will see the difference along with the better quality.Anti-slip bottom to prevent the pad from sliding The Ultra Dual Super Deluxe Pad uses a unique Grip-Tile foam cushion bottom that prevents the pad from moving even on Expert step charts! The pad was designed to give you better sensitivity, resulting in better performances and more accurate game play.Features:Compatible with Playstation, Playstation 2, and Xbox Non-slip super soft surface Super-sensitive Arcade Circuitry Arcade sized circuitry Eight super sensitive directional buttons Non-slip gr

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