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Balanoid Vision

We are a Different kind of company with a differnt kind of philosophy and vision, right for the time, technology, and demand.  Balanoid is more a philosophy than a company with "site" into the future that will stand the test of time.  We are here to serve, protect and uphold what we know you demand.  We are here to add value, help, serve and preserve what we beleive to be a better way to provide what you desrve, need, and demand with an expectation to eceed all expectations.

The public, our agents and supporters are our business and we only desire to provide a site that is positive, uplifting, upholding, and protecting the integrity  of media and entertainment in a world that is full of humanity with great needs, expectations, and is far more intelegent than any other generation in mankind's history.  We are here to share help, provide and grow with you , your family, freinds and neighbors. 

We have a vision that will stand the test of time and again we as a sigle balanoid may be a tiny little shell with a single purpose, but together with you and your needs and demands we will provide, serve and help in any way we can.  Together we are the "mighty balanoid"...


Thank you again for visiting and please let us now any thing you would like to share, add, or express on our site, we will help in any way possible.


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